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I am trying to use the PartCover (v. to measure code coverage on assemblies from unit tests run in MSTest. I can get successful reports on all assemblies except one named SystemLogger. Ive tried these rules:


None of these will force PartCover to include that dll. Looking at the run log, I noticed there seems to be a couple of built in excludes:

Exclude [mscorlib]*
Exclude [System*]*

I never specified either one of these, but it seems reasonable to say its preventing my dll from being included. Is there some way to force PartCover to include my assembly without renaming it?

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This is a bug with PartCover - you should raise the issue with the PartCover team.

Oh look you have :)


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PartCover has now been patched to use the same filters used by OpenCover the defaults are now -[mscorlib]*, -[System]* and -[System*]* –  Shaun Wilde Jun 26 '11 at 12:10
what I meant to say was -[mscorlib]*, -[System]* and -[System.*]* –  Shaun Wilde Jun 27 '11 at 21:56

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