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I have downloaded xml-light for ocaml and try to compile it, but it has never been succeeded, the problem is as follow.

When I input ocamlopt dtd.ml, there will be an error Unbound module Xml. Then I input ocamlopt xml.ml, there will be an error Unbound value XmlParser.make. Then I input ocamlopt xmlParser.ml, there will be an error Unbound module Dtd.

is there actually a way to compile them together? I feel so stupid because of this.

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It is not so trivial, nothing surprising. Here is the output of make (from mingw/cygwin ocaml distribution):

ocamlyacc xml_parser.mly
ocamlc  xml.mli
ocamlc  dtd.mli
ocamlc  xml_parser.mli
ocamlc  -c xml_parser.ml
ocamllex xml_lexer.mll
ocamlc  xml_lexer.mli
ocamlc  -c xml_lexer.ml
ocamlc  -c dtd.ml
ocamlc  xmlParser.mli
ocamlc  -c xmlParser.ml
ocamlc  -c xml.ml
ocamlc -o xml-light.cma -a  xml_parser.cmo xml_lexer.cmo dtd.cmo xmlParser.cmo xml.cmo

And the test:

ocamlc xml-light.cma test.ml -o test.exe

make install output:

ocamlopt  -c xml_parser.ml
ocamlopt  -c xml_lexer.ml
ocamlopt  -c dtd.ml
ocamlopt  -c xmlParser.ml
ocamlopt  -c xml.ml
ocamlopt -o xml-light.cmxa -a  xml_parser.cmx xml_lexer.cmx dtd.cmx xmlParser.cmx xml.cmx

cp xml-light.cmxa xml-light.a xml-light.cma xml.mli xmlParser.mli dtd.mli xml.cmi xmlParser.cmi dtd.cmi xml.cmx dtd.cmx xmlParser.cmx `ocamlc -where`

Note the last line (i've separated it with newline): you probably won't have cp command; just create %OCAMLLIB%\xml-light directory manually and copy listed files there. Then you can build your project like this:

ocamlopt -I +xml-light xml-light.cmxa foo.ml -o foo.exe
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@barti: you help me again... anyway, there is still a thing cannot be finished so far. When I put this file in my project folder, then I want to open this file using open Xml;; for example, why did it give me an error message: Error: xml.cmi is not a compiled interface, what else did I miss here? –  zfm May 5 '11 at 16:32
@zfm: i've updated the answer (see make install section) –  barti_ddu May 5 '11 at 16:47
@barti: is there no way to do this on IDE? I use Camelia and that error happened when I use the IDE and type open Xml;; or any other file –  zfm May 5 '11 at 16:54
@zfm: anyway, you have to put library files to appropriate directories, don't think an IDE will help you there... This particular library is much easier to build with mingw (not without glitches, though) –  barti_ddu May 5 '11 at 17:01
@barti: I believe I had it in the right directory... let's say, if I type open Asdf;; in which I don't have asdf.cmi', the error would be Error: Unbound module Asdf. So it has detected the right folder, the right .cmi, but it thought differently, and I don't understand why. –  zfm May 5 '11 at 17:08

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