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I faced a problem when trying to access row again.

I have TreeView component and in Tag property I put row from datatable:

foreach (DataRow row in catalogDataSet.category)
            if (row["parent"].ToString().Equals("0"))
                TreeNode node = new TreeNode();
                node.Text = row["name"].ToString();
                node.Tag = row;
                string nodeId = row["id"].ToString();
                if (this.HasChilds(nodeId))
                    this.fillChilds(nodeId, node);


Then I try to access row`s id:

int locationId = int.Parse(((DataRow)locationTreeView.SelectedNode.Tag)["id"].ToString());

First time it's ok, but after event click fires and loads product`s info into panel second time I try to load dataGridView by id from row (same code above) I get error:


This row has been removed from a table and does not have any data. BeginEdit() will allow creation of new data in this row.

public Panel GetPreviewPanel(int productId)
        tableLayoutPanel4.Controls.Add(this.closeButton, 2, 0);
        warehouseComboBox.SelectionChangeCommitted += new EventHandler(LocationComboBoxSelectionChangeCommitted);
        label.Text = "Peržiūrėti prekę";
        //fill locations with loaded warehouse value
        locationApi.FillLocationComboboxByWarehouse(this.locationComboBox, (int)((ComboItem)this.warehouseComboBox.SelectedItem).Value);
        categoryComboBox.SelectionChangeCommitted += new EventHandler(CategoryComboBoxSelectionChangeCommitted);
        //setting default values
        CatalogDataSet.productRow product = productApi.GetProductData(productId);
        if (product == null)
            return null;
        productNameTextBox.Text = product["name"].ToString();
        productNameTextBox.Enabled = false;
        return this.productPanel;
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What are doing the events? Maybe the row or the table where it was stored were disposed? – Ignacio Soler Garcia May 5 '11 at 16:08
there is two events: when treeNode is selected I load it`s data in dataGridView and then dataGridRow is selected (button click) I clean panel2 and load there panel with product info. – marcus May 5 '11 at 16:09
Can a second tree node selection change the table so the id stored as a tag does not exist anymore? – Ignacio Soler Garcia May 5 '11 at 16:13
no, because it`s purpose is to preview the product. if (dataGridView.SelectedRows.Count != 0) { int productId = int.Parse(dataGridView.SelectedRows[0].Cells["id"].Value.ToString()); resultPanel.Controls.Clear(); resultPanel.Controls.Add(productPanelClass.GetPreviewPanel(productId).); } – marcus May 5 '11 at 16:15
if I put "int categoryId = int.Parse(((DataRow)categoryTreeView.SelectedNode.Tag)["id"].ToString());" in try catch block, loaded grid is empty. – marcus May 5 '11 at 16:23

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