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I'm using the Facebook Python and Javascript SDKs. And have a deauthorization callback url set up to accept POSTs from Facebook in the event a User deauthorizes the applicaiton.

When I receive the POST from Facebook, I set the User to inactive, and will not log them into the site. However this leaves fb:login-button out of synch. It doesn't show the User data (because I am passing a null User to the template), but a logout button is being displayed. I assume because it is getting the user state from the fb Cookie.

There's obviously some additional clean up I need to do, and so my question is how do I clean up state in the login-button?

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Wanted to follow up on this issue. It turns out that the Facebook Javascript SDK does handle deauthorization as expected, but in my code there was a conflict with Facebook's new 'send' button. – Will Merydith May 9 '11 at 14:58

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If i understood the problem correctly: Try to check the user authorization using something like that: And then do with your buttons whatever you want...

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While trying to construct that call I noticed that the javascript API is already doing that. So the problem ended up being a conflict with some other Facebook javascript. – Will Merydith May 6 '11 at 14:02

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