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Most color pickers out there (Such as the API demo, CWAC-Colormixer, and other freebies) just let you pick a color and offer few or no supporting features, such as

  • History of previously chosen colors
  • HEX display of color selected.
  • Palette of common color constants (white, black, blue, red, etc.)

I could develop these myself, but thought I'd ask first if someone already knows of any existing color picking dialogs with advanced features?

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Appears OpenIntents color picker has a history option, none of the other mentioned features though... openintents.org/en/colorpicker and openintents.org/en/node/670 –  Nathan Fig May 9 '11 at 17:35

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This may not cover every feature mentioned, but definitely hits many I did not: Keith's UberColorPicker is chalk full of features and far more powerful than the API demo or any other open source color picker I've seen.

Demo: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.keithwiley.android.ubercolorpickerdemo

Source: http://keithwiley.com/Downloads/AndroidUberColorPickerDemo.zip

EDIT: Word of warning though, it does not use layouts and can be a bear to adapt.

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