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For example, the following MXML script attaches a listener to a Button class:

<mx:Button id="STACK" label="OVERFLOW" click="doStuff()"/>

I have a custom action script class which fires an event when a value is updated and I wish to be able to listen for that event in an MXML class:

ActionScript Class:

public function set currentPage(newCurrentPage: Number) : void {
    _currentPage = newCurrentPage;

    dispatchEvent(new DataEvent(PAGE_CHANGED, true, false, _currentPage));

And I wish to be able to do the following in MXML:

<myClass:Class <...> pageChanged="doMoreStuff()" />

How would I do this? Cheers :)

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What is the type of your class myClass? – dirkgently Feb 26 '09 at 11:25
I suppose it would need to extend Canvas to be able to be displayed. In reality this is an 'abstract' class which is extended by other components. – Richard Walton Feb 26 '09 at 11:29

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You have to declare the event with a metadata tag:

[Event(name="pageChanged", type="")]

The name of the event must match the event name (PAGE_CHANGED constant in your example).

Edit: if you're writing the class in ActionScript instead of MXML, you can apply the metadata tag directly to your class:

[Event(name="pageChanged", type="")]
public class MyClass extends WhateverItExtends
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