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I just wanted the CheckListBox I used to use with Windows Forms.

                <CheckBox  Content="{Binding Name}"/>

At first this seemed to work, but there was numerous problems. In short, it just works like a CheckBox is floating on the real item, rather than the CheckBox is the item.

I mean, (1)clicking the checkbox's text would not select the ListBox item, (2)pressing up and down key does not focus the checkbox. I have to click the checkbox in order to focus it. I have searched Google for solutions but there weren't clean solutions. Am I wanting too much?

I just want the behavour of CheckedListBox...

I worked around (1) by handling the PreviewMouseDown event of the checkbox and manually selecting the item. It does not seem to be clean.

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This is, because your CheckBox is in a ListBox. It is handled as an item of the list with all it's features.

If you want to build only a list of checkboxes and don't need selection-logic of the list, use an ItemsControl instead of the ListBox. The usage is equal. If you want to have your CheckboxList scrollable, use ScrollViewer to wrap the ItemsControl.

   <ItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding YourItemsCollection">       
             <CheckBox  Content="{Binding Name}"/>
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Selected answer for the linked question (WPF ListBoxItem selection problem) provides a clean solution! Was stuck with the same scenario -> found your question -> found the other one with the remedy. HTH!

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