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Thanks for advanced. I wanted to know if I can call detailViewController methods or get attributes declared as IBOutlets bye me in the class, from another rootViewController I have created. Let me explain it:

I have this hierarchy of rootControlViews:

[RootViewController] [Cell 1] -> [Cell1RootViewController] (push Cell1RootView... into the navController]

Only 1 DetailViewController with an IBOutlet declared object (and synthethised) called "object"

I select the [Cell 1], So I am now inside Cell1RootViewController. How can I call the "object" declared in DetailViewController from here?.

I have tried declaring it inside Cell1RootViewController and tried linking it by reference outlet with the one that is inside DetailViewController, but I can't get no success...

Thank you for all!

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well I solved it weeks ago, but were working and didn't have the time to post my solution. Therefore, I haven't been clear in what I was trying to explain. If you have a SplitViewController, then you have a MasterView and a ControllerView (that extends/implements TableDataSource and TableDelegate protocols). If you wanted to have several ControllerViews because of something, and wanted to call MasterView methods when inside of any ControllView of yours , you should have an INIT method like this:

- (id) initWithMasterView: (MasterView *) theMaster, ....otherOptionsYouWant{
       self = [super init]
       if (self){ 
               myMasterInstance = theMaster;
               //other initializations you want here
       return self;

I am not a newbie in programming languages, but these kind of stuff in objective C and Iphone Developing seem to be more complicated than it is.

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