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As the title says I like to embedd the MongoDB server into my own C++ application. I haven't found this mode in the documentation. What I was looking for is something like SQLite or Firebird in the embedded mode. Is this also possible with MongoDB? (Without programming it myself).

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There is no way to embed MongoDB right now - but on the wishlist of many people.

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The truth is tough:-) Do you possibly know any other embedded nosql database? – schoetbi May 6 '11 at 5:57

You should consider EJDB.

EJDB is the C library based on modified version of Tokyo Cabinet. JSON representation of queries and data implemented with API based on C BSON, MongoDB-like queries and overall philosophy.

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I like tokyo cabinet. It is flexible document storage like mongodb. It also comes with some nifty full text searching abilities and a small memory footprint.

Tokyo Cabinet:

I've also created an objective-c wrapper (in case you wanted to embed it in an osx/ios app).

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Though it is in java, you may want to take a look at fongo. Which is a in-memory embedded implementation of MongoDB in Java.

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Seems others a trying to get mongo embedded as well, but I would like to have it in C++, Thanks anyway – schoetbi Nov 30 '12 at 15:34

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