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I need to pass the username of the requestor of a build down to the script that is actually doing the work. Looking at the console output for a particular build, the first line is always "Started by user foo," so Jenkins is clearly keeping track of who triggered the build. So it should be possible to pass that information down to the job..... The question is, how?

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The username isn't put in an easy-to-fetch environment variable, but you can get it using the xml (or json or python) api - as soon as you start a build, http://[jenkins-server]/job/[job-name]/[build-number]/api/xml is populated with details:

            <shortDescription>Started by user foobar</shortDescription>
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Please check out Jenkins Build User Vars plugin, it does what you need:

It is used to set following user build variables:

  • BUILD_USER – full name of user started build,
  • BUILD_USER_FIRST_NAME – first name of user started build,
  • BUILD_USER_LAST_NAME – last name of user started build,
  • BUILD_USER_ID – id of user started build.
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import os
import jenkinsapi.build
import jenkinsapi.jenkins

#Required Environment variables example:

jenkins_inst = None

def get_jenkins_inst():
    if jenkins_inst == None:
        jenkins_url = os.environ['JENKINS_URL']
        print("Connect to jenkins " + jenkins_url)
        jenkins_inst = jenkinsapi.jenkins.Jenkins(jenkins_url)
    return jenkins_inst

def get_jenkins_job():
    jenkins_inst = get_jenkins_inst()

    jenkins_job_name = os.environ['JOB_NAME']
    print("Get jenkins job " + jenkins_job_name)
    return jenkins_inst.get_job(jenkins_job_name)

def get_jenkins_user():
    jenkins_job = get_jenkins_job()

    jenkins_buildno = int(os.environ['BUILD_NUMBER'])
    print("Get jenkins job build " + str(jenkins_buildno))
    cur_build = jenkins_job.get_build(jenkins_buildno)

    return cur_build.get_actions()['causes'][0]['userId']
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