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I have several versions of a Ruby gem:

$ gem list
rjb (1.3.4, 1.3.3, 1.1.9)

How can I remove old versions but keep the most recent?

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# remove all old versions of the gem
gem cleanup rjb

# choose which ones you want to remove
gem uninstall rjb

# remove version 1.1.9 only
gem uninstall rjb --version 1.1.9

# remove all versions less than 1.3.4
gem uninstall rjb --version '<1.3.4'
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For removing older versions of all installed gems:

 gem cleanup --dryrun

to preview what are going to be removed.

 gem cleanup

to actually remove them.

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Try something like gem uninstall rjb --version 1.3.4.

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gem cleanup uses system commands. Installed gems are just directories in the filesystem. If you want to batch delete, use rm -R.

  1. gem environment and note the value of GEM PATHS
  2. cd <your-gem-paths>/gems
  3. ls -1 |grep rjb- |xargs rm -R
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