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Still new to .NET, but this looks OK to me. I can't figure out what's going on. I'm trying to add 1 parameter to a SqlCommand. It is an integer in SQL Server, and I'm passing an integer to it.

It hangs on the Command.Parameters.Add(PolicyNo) code line and kicks out an "unable to process due to internal error".

I've also tried

Command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@PolicyNumber", PolicyNo)

But to no avail. It bombs out with the same error message. Here's the code:

Public Function GetPolicyObj(ByVal PolicyNo As Integer) As PolicyInfo Implements ILetterWriter.GetPolicyObj
    Dim SQLcon As New SqlClient.SqlConnection

    'Establish the connection
    SQLcon.ConnectionString = "Data Source=Hosed;Initial Catalog=MyCat;User ID=Goofy;Password=OpenSesame;"

    Using Command As New SqlClient.SqlCommand("sp_GetPolicyInfo", SQLcon)
        Command.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
        Command.Parameters.Add(PolicyNo) 'Bombs on this line
        Dim reader As SqlClient.SqlDataReader = Command.ExecuteReader

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Jason

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Have you tried creating the parameter like this:

    Dim param as new SqlParameter()
    param.ParameterName = "ParamName"
    param.Value         = PolicyNo
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That was the ticket! Thanks! –  Jason May 5 '11 at 20:12

Not entirely sure if this is the problem should be, but you are not giving the parameter object a name, only passing the value which will thrown an exception, you have to give the parameter a name as well

Command.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("PolicyNo",PolicyNo))
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Command.Parameters.Add() takes a SqlParameter object as its parameter. So you can't just send the integer.


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Command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@PolicyNo", PolicyNo);
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Yes, I tried that but it still bombed out (see text above code). But thanks! –  Jason May 5 '11 at 19:58
The error is still the same? In your code you are adding an Integer, .Add is expecting a SqlParameter... Also Command.Connection.Open() is redundant...unless its a VB.NET thing –  kd7 May 5 '11 at 20:04

Maybe you could try explicitly typing your parameter:

Command.Parameters.Add("@PolicyNumber", SqlDbType.Int)
Command.Parameters("@PolicyNumber").Value = PolicyNo

And make sure your parameter name and datatype match what's in the stored procedure.

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