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Selling an application both in the android market and outside it

I have two versions of app: free and paid. Both are on Android Market. Paid is ad-free and have some extra features compared to free app. Android Market's paid apps are not available in every country in the world. Is there any legal way of selling app outside market? Let's say for example you download free app from Android Market. This app is really the best and you want to have it full version. But unfortunately in your country it is impossible to buy through Android Market. How to offer a consumer a legal way of sell this app? I have saw in some very well downloaded apps/games that when you click on something like about there were a dialog where you have two buttons, first Buy from Market and second buy online. By clicking buy online browser on your mobile is opened and there is shown some custom web page where you can buy such a thing like activation code or something like that. Is that kind of way legal? Any other way?

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You can distribute your application outside of Google Market. The user will need to download the apk to install as well as have "install applications from unknown sources" checked in their settings.

Amazon Android App Store uses this method to install apps, as does MiKandi (Adult store).

Also see this answer for additional information:

Selling an application both in the android market and outside it

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