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I traced with dbg my system. I used


now I have couple binary files.

Never really used those binary dumps.. How to read them? rb? disk_log? How to start up them to see log file?

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I've not tried this myself, but dbg:trace_client/2 looks like it can read the file.

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exactly. I should get rtfm for this question. Thanks Ben! –  user425720 May 5 '11 at 19:58

First you use trace_port to get a PortFun like so :

1> PortFun = dbg:trace_port(file,{"/tmp/trace",wrap,atom_to_list(node()),10000000,20}).

Then use dbg:tracer to start a tracer that will route the messages :

2> dbg:tracer(port, PortFun).

The output of the trace can be received using trace_client :

1> Pid = dbg:trace_client(file,FileName).
dbg output here...
2> dbg:stop_trace_client(Pid).
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+1 for showing an example :) –  Ben James May 5 '11 at 20:05

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