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I'm working on supporting of the TCL (thermal control protocol, stupid name, its a printer protocol of futurelogic) but i cannot find resources about this protocol, how it is, how it works, nothing, on theirs site i only found this mention http://www.futurelogic-inc.com/trademarks.aspx

any one had worked with it? does any one knows where can i find the data sheet?

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Please don't tag with tcl; that's Tool Command Language round here, whatever the trademarks say. –  Donal Fellows May 5 '11 at 19:55
ok, sorry, i forgot abou the tcl scrippting... –  Jean Marcel Duvoisin Schmidt May 5 '11 at 20:45

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The protocol is documented on their website http://www.futurelogic-inc.com/support/downloads/ If you are targetting the PSA66ST model it supports a number of protocols TCL, which is quite nice for delivering templated tickets and, line printing using the Epson ESC/P protocol.

This is all explained in the protocol document.

Oops, these links are incorrect and only correspond to marketing brochures. You will need to contact Futurelogic for the protocol documents. Probably also need to sign an NDA. Anyway, the information may guide you some more.

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