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Let me just state the question first: How do I pass through parameters during the Devise sign-in process?

Now the rest...

I'm trying to implement the following functionality in my Rails 3 app.

I have a collection of users, each with their own profile page. I want them to be able to view their own profile page but none of the other users' profile pages, unless they're an admin in which case they have access to everything in the application.

I've created a Users controller, and have applied the following code to the beginning of the controller( for the record I've replaced looking up by id with their username, so /users/username to access a profile ) :

filter_access_to :all do
  current_user == User.find_by_username(params[:id]) or
    has_role? :admin

...and I've specified in routes.rb:

root :to => "users#show"

So assuming when the user accessed the following URL: http://appli.cat.ion they would first be prompted for login creds, and then redirected to the root_path which is the show action of the Users controller. Unless I can pass along the :id param during the sign in process, this will result in an endless redirect loop. Is there something in Devise that assists with this problem? I'll keep looking on my own and post an answer if I come across one.



EDIT #1: I believe I have arrived closer at a solution. Based on the desired functionality that I need, I believe the following two Devise methods can help:




I've overriden after_sign_in_path to the following:

def after_sign_in_path_for(resource)
  user_root_path(:id => current_user.username)

which provides the desired effect (user logs in, gets redirected to their profile page), but only if I return nil in stored_location_for like such:

def stored_location_for(resource)

Just to restate my goal, my goal is to redirect a user to their profile page if having navigated to (http)://appli.cat.ion/ directly, following that they've signed in of course. If a user navigates to, say, (http)://appli.cat.tion/otherresources then I want to first sign the user in, and then redirect them to the page they requested. If I return nil in stored_location_for then the user will ALWAYS get redirected to their profile page no matter what, which is undesirable at best, and unusable at worst. I would think that if I navigate to the application sign in directly then stored_location would return nil, and upon signing in be directed to my profile page, but it is just redirecting me to the root_path. Very confused but at least I'm making progress...

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I think you can create a profile action within UsersController which do a redirect to user show page, then mark it as user root

in UsersController

class UsersController < ApplicationController
  def profile
    redirect_to user_url(:id => current_user.username)

in routes

resources :users do
  get 'profile', :on => :collection, :as => :user_root

And don't need to use after_sign_in_path hook.

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