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Just wondering if its possible to scroll to a certain div's position on a page onclick. I can't seem to find anywhere on the internet where this is documented.

My idea is to click a button, and it will take you to the position of that div on the page, possible by the div ID.



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Im not sure when you want the event to fire so here is the generic version

$(selector).click(function() {
   //scroll to div

If you want a <button/> with an id of myButton that when clicked will cause you to scroll to a <div/> with and id of myDiv over the course of half a second:

$('#myButton').click(function() {
   //optionally remove the 500 (which is time in milliseconds) of the
   //scrolling animation to remove the animation and make it instant
   $.scrollTo($('#myDiv'), 500);

Using the jQuery ScrollTo plugin.

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If you don't need an animated scroll just use this:

<a href="#myID">click this</a>


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Use this:



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