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Whenever I check a file in to my Perforce depot using the Perforce plugin for Visual Studio (p4scc) there is a significant delay before the "Submit Changelist" dialog box appears (sometimes up to a minute).

In the log file (enabled with "Enable logging to file" in the plugin Preferences) there's an entry"p4 changes -s pending -l". This command downloads all the pending changelists, which in our environment numbers a few hundred thousand. (I guess the plugin is doing this to be able to give me a list of other pending changelists which I might want to move the files to.)

Is there any way to prevent the plugin doing this ?

I am using P4V version 2009.1/212209 in Visual Studio 2008.

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We have 150,000 pending CLs, and I'm seeing the same problem with P4V on OSX. This problem is more general than the p4scc plugin. –  coppit Jan 27 '13 at 16:14

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Short answer is no. Sorry. If it really is slowing things down e-mail support@perforce.com and report it as a bug (or at least question why it does it as there could be a good reason why).

IMHO the better workflow is to always have P4V open and submit changelist from there. In P4V it is easier to check/diff each file, break up the changes into atomic changelists, and write more detailed submit notes than 'fixed bugs'.

Use P4SCC for the integration with Visual Studio, e.g. to automatically check files out when you edit them and marking files for add.

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