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I've a DataSet with 3 DataTables:




Every person has salaries, and every person has one friend.

I've added a column dcHisFriend into dtSalary and would like to display friend name of a person owning specified salary.

So dtPerson has a column NAME, dtSalary has column VALUE and dtFriend has a column NAME.

I've added column dcHisFriend and set Expression to this:


dcHisFriend.Expression = "Max(Parent.Child(Persons_Friend).NAME)";

But this obviously does not work.

Could you please tell me how to put into column dcHisFriend name of a friend of a person with a salary into salary table?

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Can you please post the column names of the primary / foreign keys? Meaning, given a salary, how do you get back to Person and how do you get to friend from a salary. Then maybe I'll have a solution for you. –  BFree Feb 26 '09 at 13:57

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I think, there is no way how to access any other row in "Expression" in DataColumn.

The only way, how to achieve similar behaviour is hook to DataColumnChanged event on DataTables where are source data and then set the computed value to the regular column (=column without expression).

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