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I am wondering if its possible to get my android application to save a file to a windows file system or is there a simple work around I can adopt?

I am using the android emulator to do tests and I need it to write to the local hard drive so I can do further processing on the file.

I hope this is possible and I appreciate any help.

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You can save a file to the emulator's SD card and then make adb pull.

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That is perfect. adb pull <remote> <local>. – Abs May 5 '11 at 21:35

As far as I am aware the answer is no, you can save the file to the SD card or to the application's storage and use the File Explorer tool (Window -> Show View -> Other -> File Explorer) in Eclipse to extract that file to your machine or use the adb pull method

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If you are using conventional SDK the answer is (probably) no. If you look at ~/.android/avd you will see that whatever your emulator is doing is stored into *.img files. Said that you can create some sort of service running on the localhost and connect to that from your app. This will actually better resemble real-life scenario

Based on your reaction to @pixie answer it looks like I misunderstood your question. Indeed you can simply use your Eclipse DDMS perspective to navigate to the file and then "pull" or "push" a file. You can't just do it programmatically from withing your app

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