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I'm stuck with a bit of php code, I am getting information of a site which has information inside brackets, the problem is I only want the information infront of the brackets, since the content of the brackets can be anything I am confused what to do...

preg_match_all('/<title>FlightAware >(.*?) <\/title>/ms', $title, $airports, PREG_SET_ORDER);

this is what I have the actual title is: FlightAware > London Heathrow Airport (London, England) EGLL / LHR Flug-Tracker

All I would like from that is the "London Heathrow Airport"... any ideas?

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If it's stored as

<title>FlightAware > London Heathrow Airport (London, England) EGLL / LHR Flug-Tacker</title>

You could try

/<title>FlightAware > (.+?) \((.+?)\)(.+?)<\/title>/ms

Which should give you just London Heathrow Airport. You'll have London, England in the second match parameter, and EGLL / LHR Flug Tracker- in the third match parameter. Granted, this is only if that is the EXACT format each one is stored in.

Also, work on your accept rating.

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Thanks worked like a charm :) – Lenny Magico May 5 '11 at 21:23
preg_match_all('/<title>FlightAware >(.*)\(.+\).+<\/title>/ms', $title, $airports, PREG_SET_ORDER);
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