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We have just recently got our SVN server installed. My developers have added the solution to the repository from within Visual Studio, but they must have done it wrong because I can't find it in the repository anywhere :(

Additionally, I uploaded a java project from eclipse and the folder shows up in the proper trunk location but there are no files that I can see in the folder.

any suggestions, tips or tricks for repository management?


Some additional information. When I remote desktop to the server and go to the VisualSVN Server (Local) view there is an address of https://VMSVN.metrocourt.nm.us/svn/ when I click on that and sign in I get an IE window that shows the directory structure of the repository. The main folders are Applications and Shared_Libraries, I click on Applications and see C# Applications, Java Applications (which are folders I created in the repository) and another folder DocketDisplay (this is the project the developers did the 'Add solution to repository command on from within Visual Studio). However, when I look at the Repository tree within the VisualSVN Server navigator I don't see the DocketDisplay application, just the folders I created within the repository.

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Same problem here, I found that I needed to also perform a 'Commit'. That's a menu pick in the VisualSVN menu in Visual Studio. After doing that, the files appear in the respository.

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