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I have a question. I know that its not possible to parse .obj 3D graphics file using JavaScript and we have to convert it into some other format (preferably JSON). But I want to know why? Why we can't parse .obj file using JavaScript?

I would really appreciate your comments and answers.

Thanks Vik

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The only real obstacle I see is presenting the data in 3D (which may not be something you need), and getting the file to the JavaScript client. But that can easily be done through a webservice etc or with the new HTML 5 JS File API. –  Skurmedel May 5 '11 at 22:21

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Sure you can... why not? It's a text file, just go ahead and parse it.

Here, I'll even get you started:

var objText = getObjFile();
var obj = {};
var vertexMatches = objText.match(/^v( -?\d+(\.\d+)?){3}$/gm);
if (vertexMatches)
    obj.vertices = vertexMatches.map(function(vertex)
        var vertices = vertex.split(" ");
        return vertices;
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Of course you can. I have even written my own library for parsing 3D formats - K3D.js. It also supports MD2, 3DS and Collada. OBJ was the easiest to code :)

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