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I have a table from which I need to insert some of its data into another table.

I have tables "Provider" and "1_MAIN - Contacts" (I know really bad name, lets just call it "Main" in this discussion). The 2 tables are linked by a column named "Contact_ID". All records in the Provider table have a record in the Main table with a matching "Contact_ID".

The "Providers" table has 4 columns called "geri", "adol", "adult", and "pedi". These fields are datatype bit with a default value of 0.

I have created 4 new columns in "Main" with the same names and want to pull the values from the "Provider" table into the "Main" table.

So basically what I want to accomplish is this:

If a "Main" record has a record in "Provider" then grab the values of the "geri", "adol", "adult", and "pedi" columns from its "Provider" record and copy them into its "Main" record.

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You need UPDATE, not INSERT :

SET geri  = p.geri
  , adol  = p.adol
  , adult =
  , pedi  = p.pedi
FROM Main m
  JOIN Provider p
    ON p.Contact_ID = m.Contact_ID
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You're looking for "INSERT INTO...SELECT". Something like (you'll need to modify this)

Insert Into Main(geri, adol, adult, pedi)
Select p.geri, p.adol,, p.pedi
 from Provider p
 where p.ProviderID = Main.ProviderID

That's rough, because I haven't done it in a while, but it should get you fairly close.

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UPDATE we need, not INSERT :) – ypercube May 5 '11 at 22:10
That's what I get for attempting to answer while distracted... – AllenG May 6 '11 at 13:28

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