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I'm writing some automation tests using the free version of WebAii/ArtOfTest. I'm trying to grab a <p> tag so I can verify the contents. I see classes for most tag types (eg. HtmlDiv, HtmlSpan, etc), but don't see one for <p> tags.

Is there a class I'm missing or is there another way to grab the <p> tag and verify it's contents?

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They key question is what characteristics of your < p > tag do we use to locate it? Does it have an id attribute? Is it the first one contained in a < div > that has an id?

Here's a quick sample of one possible way of verifying text content:

        HtmlControl p = Find.ByExpression<HtmlControl>("id=desc");
        Assert.IsTrue(p.BaseElement.TextContent.Contains("Ipsum Lorem Facto"));

Also feel free to bring all your framework questions over to our Telerik Testing Framework form at where us support people hang out and answer these sorts of questions.

Cody, Telerik Support Officer

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