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Are there any well established criteria to help decide between building a universal iphone/ipad app versus building separate targets that share some code? I have an iPad app working fine and now have a requirement to support iPhone. Since the iPad views are large and complex, I'll need to rework almost every one into 2 or 3 smaller iphone views. So it seems to me that it will be easier to have 2 separate targets with all different views and controllers that re-use the model and communication layers, rather than pepper the code with:

    if iPad {
         // do iPad view and controller
    } else {
         // do iPhone view and controller



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From the users point of view universal is nicer, unless it makes the download substantially longer (artwork resources).

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Oh yeah, the user. I forgot about him :-) Thanks. – Rayfleck May 5 '11 at 22:57

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