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Alright so I have this code

SortScore PROC
call clrscr

 mov ecx, LENGTHOF studentsAverage
 dec ecx

L1: push ecx                                                                
mov esi, OFFSET studentsAverage             
L2: mov eax,[esi]                               
cmp [esi+4],eax                             
jge L3                                      ;jump to L3 if greater 

xchg eax,[esi+4]                            ;exchange values
mov [esi],eax                               ;

L3: add esi,4                                   ;move to next value 
loop L2                                     ;go back to L2
pop ecx                                     ;bring back the ecx
loop L1                                     ;go back to L1

L4: ret

I'm pretty sure it works, I just need to know how to modify it to display the values.

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This is a bubble sort. Do you want to print out the array you have sorted? –  hirschhornsalz May 5 '11 at 23:10
We aren't here to solve your tasks for you. Take a shot at solving it and then ask here for help if you get stuck trying to get it to work. –  wallyk May 5 '11 at 23:25

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I suppose that you want to convert from a number to ASCII ? I've replied that in another answer :

Converting an ascii character into decimal in Assembly for use with WriteConsoleA and readConsoleA

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