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I'm having difficulty getting the callbacks to work for a form. I have something like this:

function VendorCreated() {

@using (Ajax.BeginForm("Create", "Vendor", new AjaxOptions {
    UpdateTargetId = ViewBag.TargetId, 
    HttpMethod = "Post", 
    })) {

upon submission my function never gets created. If I use:


it works fine. I've also tried:

OnSuccess="function() { VendorCreated(); }"

but I get a runtime error. Others are having this issue but I've found no resolution, see MVC 3 Razor - Ajax.BeginForm OnSuccess and Ajax.BeginForm OnBegin confirmation Via jquery modal.

If I look at the IE debugger (F12) I don't see a script tag in the code generated... what's the right approach?

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ok, I've narrowed the problem down... the code above is generated by a view which gets loaded into a DIV in another view by jQuery. I've recently discovered that I can include a view within another view using @Html.Action() and doing so seems to resolve the problem above. I now get callbacks!

for anyone with the inclination, an explanation of why one works and not the other would be great.

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Are you including jquery.unobtrusive.ajax.js in your page?

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yes, otherwise I wouldn't get a callback at all (I know because I didn't have it included before so I got no callback... now I get a callback but only as indicated above) – ekkis May 6 '11 at 1:04

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