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is the speed tracer only allowed on the developer's build?

I'm using the "normal" build and i've installed speed tracer. It "seems" to be working but I want to be sure and don't want it to corrupt my files or cause my computer to crash or something

Although the speed tracer page at does not indicate that we need a developer's build, from past experience I do know it certainly used to need the developers build.

So basically is there an "official document" that says the speed tracer has upgraded from developers-build-only to everyone? Or do I risk crashing my browser by using that unsafe extension?

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The Speed Tracer Extension Page doesn't say anything about needing a specific build. I think you'll be fine. Also, I had no idea this even existed, and this looks really useful, thanks!

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I know it certainly used to need the developers build in the past but I don't know if it still does!

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i know that too.. hence the question – Pacerier May 7 '11 at 17:22

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