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i writen this code im using it for checking if a certin url is found on a web page

    private void checkUrls (){

        WebClient client;

        for (int i = 0; i < Convert.ToInt32(txtnum.Text); i++) {
                string Url = "http://www." + txtUrl.Text + i.ToString();

                client = new WebClient();
                string result = client.DownloadString(Url);
                if (result.Contains(txtsearch.Text))

            catch (Exception ex) { }

the base url look like this:

but on two sites when i ask for this:

i get redirected to somthing like this

i need to search the site in the first manner but to download the content of the freindly url

can anyone show me the right direction to do so ?

i checking website where i do no know how many pages there on the site

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You could try the HtmlAgilityPack to get all the anchor tags and check the href attribute for the value you want.

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