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I have a popover that contains a tableview (which is inside a navigation controller) with custom cells and a search bar in the header. Once I enter the search bar the popover shrinks appropriately to make room for the keyboard. Good so far. Once I dismiss the keyboard either by pressing the search button or the dismiss keyboard button, the popover appears to resize a little but does not does return to the full length as I would expect. I've tried all the suggestions to update the popoversize and contentsizeinpopover. They seem to have no effect.

Any thoughts or workarounds?



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"I've tried all the suggestions to update the popoversize and contentsizeinpopover." – What are these suggestions? Please show us what you have tried (incl. code). – Ole Begemann May 6 '11 at 0:20
I've seen the same issue, it started happening around 4.3 and happens in apple apps too. I think there is an ios bug but I haven't tried 4.3.3 yet – Cory Powers May 6 '11 at 0:21

Appears that it's an iOS bug, here's a hack that works (unfortunately you don't get a fluid animation, but it's better than not resizing at all):

keyboard resigning reduces popover height

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