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I am using the html5 input type="number". I want to monitor this input for change, but:

  • because in browsers that support it It gets spin controls I can't just monitor .keyup,
  • because I don't want to wait for it to lose focus I can't just monitor .change.

How can I monitor it so I catch all cases where it's value is changed?

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After looking at some of the question's on this site and using the mousewheel plugin I have got

$('#spinbox').bind('click change keyup mousewheel', function() {
  //10 ms timeout is for mousewheel otherwise you get the previous value
  var box = this;
  setTimeout(function() {console.log($(box).val());}, 10);

So you need to monitor it for

  • Click: clicking on the controls
  • change: fallback
  • keyup: for entering a value
  • mousewheel: hmmm... I wonder?
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See: HTML5 number spinbox controls not triggering a change event?

You might use both oninput and onkeydown for compatibility.

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