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I'm using History.pushState() function, I'm saving into push state object an jQuery object, but when statechange event is fired I'm retriving state object data without jQuery object, but only "normal" object:

var object = {link : $("#varianty")};



Console returns jQuery object


But when the statechange event is fired:


        var State = History.getState();

        var link = State.data.link;


Console return an object

Object { length=1, 0={...}, more...}

Detailed dump

0 =>    Object { jQuery1304643255828=39, constructor={...}}

context =>  Object { location={...}}

length =>   1

selector  =>    "#varianty"

Is there any chance to retrive in state object jQuery object, if no, there is not cool way but I can again select the object by: $(State.data.link.selector);

But then is useless to pass jQuery object through pushState object...

Need it to push $(this) object on click event.

Thanks for any advice or solution! :)

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A little confused: your first code block doesn't select a jQuery object at all, and according to the detailed dump (if that is of the retrieved object) then it is a jQuery object...so I'm not sure what you mean? –  Chad May 6 '11 at 1:26
I've deleted '$' by mistake, when I was formating the text. –  Pion May 6 '11 at 15:42

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Objects that you pass to the pushState function seem to loose their prototype when yielded in the popstate event. To get around this you can re-attach the prototype when listening to the event.

In your case though it might be better to pass just the selector for the element you need into pushState

history.pushState({selector: "#my-div"}, "test", "/test")

That way you can just grab the element from the dom on the popstate event with jQuery

history.onpopstate = function (event) {
  if (event.state) {
    var myElem = $(event.state.selector)
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Hi, thank's for your suggestion!. But I need the object, becouse when the code is advance like this: $('.links').click(function(e){ var object = {item: $(this)};history.pushState(object,"test","test");e.preventDefault();}); –  Pion May 6 '11 at 15:43

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