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I have an MFC MDI application that annoyingly loads up the previous state of toolbars, etc, when I run it. I've set

 m_bSaveState = FALSE;

in the App constructor ... but it had no effect. So I've attempted to overload the LoadState() method as in:

    // added this to the MainApp.h file
virtual BOOL LoadState(CWnd* pFrame, LPCTSTR lpszSectionName = NULL );

and ...

 // added the following to the MainApp.cpp
 BOOL CDrumGenMDIApp::LoadState (CWnd* pFrame, LPCTSTR lpszSectionName )
// do nothing to pre-load the state from the Registry
return TRUE;

... however this method appears never to be called. When the system is loading Frames I'm pretty sure it is calling some profile of LoadState() ... but how do I get it to call my overloaded method?


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Looking at the header file, the function you are trying to override is not declared virtual nor does it exist?!

However the following function is virtual:

  virtual BOOL LoadState(LPCTSTR lpszSectionName = NULL, CFrameImpl* pFrameImpl = NULL);

I have not tried this myself, but it should work in theory.

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