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Ok so I haven't ever done anything with fb development before, and it seems like you can do quite a bit of stuff. I'd prefer to not drown in information, so I am coming here to hopefully find out exactly what I need to do to get what I want to get done.

I have an html page in a UIWebView that displays the content of a page just great. On the page, there is a quote, and I need to be able to allow users to share that quote on their fb page as their status. So I guess have a "like" button that would then allow them to sign in and post (providing the content of the quote for them).

On Twitter, you can do something like this I think:

<a href="http://twitter.com/home?status=The quote you want to post">

What do I need to do to get the desired result for facebook?

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Possible duplicates: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 &c. – Josh Caswell May 6 '11 at 2:41
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I think this is all you need

Oh, and btw, now there is a "better" way to post on Twitter, check the Web Intents

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