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I have a website, (running on windows server 2008 with mysql 5.5 and php 5.3) that will be going live soon, but the search part of the site is extremely slow if the query used has not already been cached. It effects the entire site when its working to search a large table with 125,000 rows.

What steps can I do to limit the performance impact on the website?

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How long does the table search take? Is your database normalized? Do you have indexes on the things you're searching? What type of searches are these (e.g. FULLTEXT)? –  babonk May 6 '11 at 4:28
Its a FULLTEXT index. See this question for the query causing the issue. stackoverflow.com/questions/5905963/… –  madphp May 6 '11 at 14:06

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Mysql can handle lakhs of data and it doesn't slow down for mere 125 thousand rows unless you constructed a bad table structure and a bad query..

Here are some of the tips to fast up things,

  1. Normalize your table structure

  2. Have proper indexes

  3. Try to write a simple query , you can check why your query runs slow by analysing the slow query log.

  4. Try explain statement to know how mysql actually executes your query.

  5. Even after this if the slowness persists and your requests to the mysql server are expected to huge then consider query caching techniques like memcached

  6. And last , what are the process that are running in your system. Too many process running and taking the memory could slow any other process running ...

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Thanks. Can you have a look at this question to see if you notice anything that could be improved on. stackoverflow.com/questions/5905963/… –  madphp May 6 '11 at 14:56

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