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I am stuck on why my program is not working, I am trying to print to a file however, where it says student[i].listCourses(System.out); I actually need it to print to the test.txt file also but I tried putting in outputFile and it didn't work

   System.out.println("Please Enter A FileName");
  // Create a PrintWriter object and open the file.
  PrintWriter outputFile = new PrintWriter("test.txt");

  // Get data and write it to the file.
  // Continue reading till a blank line is entered
  int i=0;  

    while ((student[i] != null)&&(i <= student.length)){

and this is how listcourses is declared

public void listCourses(PrintStream p) {
        for (Course crs: courses)
            if (crs != null)
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Have you closed the stream after operations ? –  Andrei Podoprîgora May 6 '11 at 3:25

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Here's an issue

while ((student[i] != null)&&(i <= student.length)){

lets assume that i == student.length, what happens?

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I'm assuming that your code does not compile for you at the moment. The issue is that your outputFile is a PrintWriter while System.out is a PrintStream. These are not interchangeable. Check out the inheritance hierarchy on each documentation page:



If you need to use the same function for both objects, you'll have to reconsider what you're passing in (e.g. an OutputStream with System.out and FileOutputStream instead) or make two functions, one that takes in a PrintWriter and one that takes in a PrintStream.

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