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I've looked through the documentation, etc, but I'm not seeing anything obvious. I'd like to have a signal handler that can intercept ^C, ^\, or some other keypress that could be used to interrupt a long-running script (each discrete computation is typically <1s) and allow it to exit gracefully and save current state.

Matlab does have event handlers for COM, but it's windows-only and I'm in a *nix environment.

If the answer is 'tough luck', I'm cool with that ... I'm just not seeing anything that says I'm SOL yet.

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MATLAB already interprets ^C as an interrupt. You can use onCleanup objects to ensure that your program state is preserved correctly. I.e. something like:

function testFcn
x = onCleanup( @() disp('perform cleanup here...') );
for ii=1:1000, disp(ii), pause(1), end

Run the above and hit ^C when you get bored. Obviously, you can hook any function handle in to your onCleanup object. See also the reference page for onCleanup.

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Nice, that might just work out nicely. – Brian Vandenberg May 6 '11 at 7:56
+1 for onCleanup. Thanks for that nugget. – b3. May 6 '11 at 16:26

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