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I have a requirement for an application that takes Doc, Docx and PDF and converts them to RTF.

The conversion is one way and I do not need to convert back to Doc or PDF.

Has anyone done this and can you recommend a libray? I know there is aspose but it's way to pricey and the licenses are per year so that's not going to work for the company I happen to work for.

I'm ok using more than one library for each of the file types if thats what it takes.

Thanks in advance

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Telerik has a nice library to do this. They actually have an entire editor that looks like Microsoft Word. It can open multiple file formats and it saves natively as RTF (although it can save as PDF, DOCX, etc.) The one thing I'm not sure of is opening the PDF and saving as an RTF. I'm not sure that the Telerik library can do that.

Here is a link to the library: http://www.telerik.com/products/wpf/richtextbox.aspx

For a PDF to RTF library, you could use this: http://www.sautinsoft.com/products/pdf-focus/index.php

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I actually just need a library to open the PDF and spit out RTF. I can then do the saving. It's the conversion I'm after. –  griegs May 6 '11 at 5:51
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