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I'm a very inexperienced developer learning C# for Windows Phone (I got a device and had an app I wanted to make for my own use). Anyway, I have a Main screen and a Settings screen which I move between using the application bar and a uri in the event handler. When moving between the two repeatedly, the pages will start loading shifted about 75 pixels up (i.e. the entire page layout loads correctly, but in the "wrong" place on the screen), and then quickly "drop" down into place. Neither one has a scrollviewer, just a layout of rows and columns with standard controls.

Have I done something wrong in setting up the xaml for the page layouts, or is there some way to prevent this from happening in the Page_Loaded method? Thanks for any help.

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Do you have the system tray visible (shell:SystemTray.IsVisible="False")? I've seen this happen when loading the first page from the splash screen when the system tray is visible, though not on subsequent pages and not to the extent that you describe. Perhaps you could show us some XAML for your pages. –  Derek Lakin May 6 '11 at 7:19
I'm agree with Derek, we need to see your XAML for both pages. –  konstantin.zaikin May 10 '11 at 13:06

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