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I found this question which is my exact starting point: Chinese-encoded metadata on mp3 files. I want to re-encode all my metadata as utf-8 so that Banshee can read it.

I can't figure out how to get eyeD3 to do that. I can decode individual tags as per that previous link, but I can't make eyeD3 change the actual text encoding of the mp3 file itself, so those tags can be rewritten in the proper encoding. I tried reading all the data into variables (below, 't' is the properly encoded title), then calling:


That tells me: ValueError: ID3 vNone.None is not supported. Not what I was expecting.

I tried tag.setTextEncoding('utf-8'), but that tells me eyeD3.tag.TagException: Invalid encoding. All the other encodings I try give me the same error message.

eyeD3.TAGS2_2_TO_TAGS_2_3_AND_4 looks promising, but it's a dictionary of cryptic letter codes that mean nothing to me.

Can someone tell me how to change the version of the tags to something that supports utf-8, then change the file encoding to utf-8 and write the metadata back in?

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Ok, I've been able to use the commandline version of the library to set the version, encoding and metadata of the files, but weirdly cannot read existing data. Ie, I can use the python library to read the data but not write it, and the command line library to write the data but not read it… –  Eric Abrahamsen May 6 '11 at 7:54
Aaaaaaaand… I figured it out. Setting the text encoding should look like tag.setTextEncoding(eyeD3.UTF_8_ENCODING). Sorry~ –  Eric Abrahamsen May 6 '11 at 8:04

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Looks like somebody's already created something that does this:


It's pretty easy to use. Just download the latest version of the script from the website, make sure you have the eyeD3 and chardet python modules installed (a quick sudo apt-get install python-eyed3 python-chardet did the trick for me in ubuntu), and run the script with the -h flag to see how to use it.

My only complaint is that the script assumes that your music is organized like artist/album/01 track name.mp3, and uses path/file information to fill in missing tags. I disabled this in the latest version (http://id3-to-unicode.googlecode.com/files/id3_to_unicode_1.1.py) by commenting out lines 126-138.

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Eric Abrahamsen figured out, that setting the text encoding should look like
tag.setTextEncoding(eyeD3.UTF_8_ENCODING) instead of

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