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i want to check if the toast have dismissed or not ,because user click the mouse the toast is show,but may me the user continuous click,so i need to check,i cannot use the dialog

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Toast toast = null;
if (toast == null || toast.getView().getWindowVisibility() != View.VISIBLE) {
    toast = Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(),
        "Text", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT);;

Check if the toast is visible before you show it again.

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Showing toast getWindowVisibility returns View.GONE (6.0.1) – konopko May 23 at 15:15
Toast toast = yourToastCreationCode();

if (null == toast.getView().getWindowToken())
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noe .. it will still be null if toast is created.. cant check visibility – StinePike Apr 20 '13 at 5:10

Based on Denis answer, but worked better for me.

Toast t;
t=Toast.makeText(getActivity(), "test", Toast.LENGTH_LONG);;

if (t.getView().isShown())
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isShown doesn't work – konopko May 23 at 15:17

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