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I'd like to use ImageMagick's convert to generate bitmaps on the fly.

I would, however, like to specify a page size (say, A4 - which would be internally specified in inches/centimeters), and then specify the resolution in DPI - instead of specifying directly the image size in pixels.

From my looking into the convert options, I guessed that the following command line would to the trick:

convert -page A4 -density 300x300 xc:white -pointsize 72 -draw "text 25,60 'test'" test.png

... unfortunately, this generates a .png image, which is 1x1 pixels in size.

Is what I want to do possible at all with convert? If not, are there any other tools that could be used for this purpose?

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I guess, the closest I could get to is this (ImageMagick 6.6.2-6):

convert xc:white -page A4 myout.pdf
convert -density 300x300 myout.pdf -pointsize 72 -draw "text 25,235 'test'" myout.png

Note that:

  • The first command generates proper page size only for pdf (but not for ps)
  • convert cannot 'draw' in a vector file like pdf
  • In the second command, arguments must be given in that order - so that the pdf is taken as a background with known size, on which the text is drawn.

Btw, to obtain the pixel size at a given density of the pdf file:

$ convert myout.pdf -format "%[fx:round(w)]x%[fx:h]" info:
$ convert -density 300x300 myout.pdf -format "%[fx:w]x%[fx:h]" info:

I guess, this means that what I wanted to do is not possible in a single convert command line...


Here is also a code that, in addition, utilizes a gradient:

convert xc:white -page A4 myout.pdf
TSIZE=$(convert -density 300x300 myout.pdf -format "%[fx:w]x%[fx:h]" info:)
convert -density 300x300 -size $TSIZE myout.pdf gradient:\#4b4-\#bfb -pointsize 72 -draw "text 25,235 'test'" -flatten myout.png

Note that the image size, at the given density, must be retrieved in a separate step - as it is required for the gradient; also note the usage of -flatten (without it, multiple png files are generated).


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