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In my case name and id's of form are different and names are of format data[password] so thsi is the solution that i found on net and it works

    var passwd = $("#old-password").attr("name");
    var $params = {debug:false, rules:{}, messages:{}};

    $params['rules'][passwd]    = {"required": true, "maxlength": 100};  
    $params['messages'][passwd] = {"required": "Please Enter Old Password ",'maxlength':'Old Password should not exceed 100 characters'};


This outputs a label with class error but this is what i want it to do. If there is a div with class error-message next to this input field it should show error inside it else it needs to append a div with class error-message to the input field

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Could you post the HTML too? – Chris Dowdeswell May 6 '11 at 8:08

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You can use the errorPlacement options for this

And if I am correct, this should work;

$params['errorPlacement'] = function(error, element) 
       divError = $("<div class='error-message'>" + error.html() + "</div>");
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