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I would like to create a fragment for android honeycomb. I used to build the gui from the xml (some labels and two list view) , however i must to download data from API so i needed an asynctask. I start the download process in onActivityCreated method. The downloading working well, but the listviews won`t be updated.

How I tried: In the asynctask callback I used


then I used the findViewById for the listview. After building the adapter I used listView.setAdapter() method. This way has worked in not tablet android, I mean OS <2.3

Somebody have any idea how to refresh the listview in the fragment?

PS: in the onCreateView i just inflated the fragment_layout.xml

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Just call setListAdapter() on your ListFragment when the data is ready, in onPostExecute() of your AsyncTask.

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Awesome, +1! Totally worked for me, thank you! I've experimented with notifyDataSetChanged but that didn't work. –  Markus Rudel Jan 29 '12 at 23:52

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