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He is my dilemma, I hope someone out there has done this… Any views or Ideas are welcome. I am new to this are so be gentle..

I have PC A that needs to have a programX (.exe) running on a regular basis every 2 Mins this checks for another file and process the file if present.

On PC B I need to be able to stop and start the program as and when on PC A remotely. Also programX is not allowed to re-run/recheck the existence of the file until the old programX has finished.

Both PCs are running Windows 7. (This will also be used on a couple of XP machines.)

Question 1

How do I get the .exe to run every 2 Mins? (Task scheduler only does once daily and I don’t want to have 576 tasks)

Question 1.1

How do I get the .exe to start and stop remotely?

Question 1.2

How do I get the system to recognise that programX is already running and not finished?

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Question 1:
I think you'd better write a service (always active) that runs a method programmatically using (for example) a timer.
Question 1.1:
If app on PC A exposes a class via remoting, from PC B you can run a Start() and Stop() method directly on PC A.
Using remoting you can create a main app (called server) which exposes a class (usually using interfaces) that can be accessed remotely via TCP/UDP/Pipes from localhost or internet.
Take a look at this example: this is only the first I've found searching "C# remoting example" in Google, but you can find hundreds.
For your need, service on PC A (see question 1) could expose via remoting a class that can start/stop the other application you run on PC A.

Question 1.2:
On PC A you could use a mutex (for example)

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Happy with 1 and 1.2 mutex sounds great for what I need. But 1.1 what do you mean by "exposes a class" or any link please. –  icecurtain May 6 '11 at 8:58
@icecurtain: take a look at my edited post for question 1.1. I hope it's more clear now; if not tell me. –  Marco May 6 '11 at 9:31
@icecurtain: I'm assuming you're developing in C#, arent'you? –  Marco May 6 '11 at 9:32
Very Big Thanks Marco all is a lot clearer. –  icecurtain May 6 '11 at 9:34

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