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I exceeded the set max connections for mysql. I set it in phpmyAdmin. My problem is that I cannot get in to phpmyadmin anymore.

It was set to some number of connections per hour. Do I have towait for an hour before I can use it again or is there a way to access phpmyAdmin or restart the settings?

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this happened to me a lot, I solved this issue like this:

  • Create new database user
  • and set it to database
  • edit your config file with the new settings

and it will work.

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I presume this is a per-login setting in mysqld, in which case unless you can use a different login, or can restart mysqld you'll simply have to wait until the hour is up.

You can read more about this on the MySQL Setting Account Resource Limits manual page.

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Create a new user for that database. Grant that user all privileges. Then delete that user. This will reset the query limit on that database.

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