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I have a form, which contains multiple virtual fieldsets.

Eg, MyForm:





If I allow the user to dynamically create more field sets on the client how can I loop through all fieldsets where name(x) is set and perform an similar action for each group, using the integer (1,2,3 etc) as a unique identifier?

I want to specify the actions once, loop through and each time change the variables used according to the number of the fieldset.

Right now, I am doing it manually for 3 hardcoded fireldsets, but it won't scale:


if($name1 is set) {
do something using $age1 and $location1
if($name2 is set) {
do something using $age2 and $location2
if($name3 is set) {
do something using $age3 and $location3


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Do it like this:

    $maxIndex = 3

    for(var $i=1; $i<=$maxIndex; $i++){
       $name = $_POST["Name$i"];
       $age = $_POST["Age$i"];
       $location = $_POST["Location$i"];
       //do something using $name, $age and $location

Hope this helps. Cheers

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Thanks. Can you use the $i in a variable name like that? In my tests it's not working. –  Dan May 6 '11 at 11:40
D'oh - single quotes. This solution worked for me based on other considerations in how my JS was setup on client side. –  Dan May 6 '11 at 13:35

you can name your elements name="name[1]", name="name[2]" and so on.

and in php do something like:

// do the stuff.
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You should use arrays for your input fields. Then you can create any number of the following blocks:

<input name="name[]" />
<input name="age[]" />
<input name="location[]" />

In PHP you can loop through these parameters:

foreach($_POST['name'] as $key => $value) {
    $name = $_POST['name'][$key];
    $age = $_POST['age'][$key];
    $location = $_POST['location'][$key];
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You can use an array in php for making

In first from of fome you can use

//n is no of records u want at one time
$available = $n;

for($i=1; $i<=$available; $i++){

 Name <input type=hidden name="pname<?=$i?>" value=<?=$pid?>>

 Age<input type=text name="age<?=$i?>" />
 Location<input type=text name="age<?=$i?>" />


in action form you can use to save these multiple recordes at one time

$available_count = $n;

for($i=1; $i<=$available_count; $i++){
        $pname = "pname".$i;
        $age = "age".$i; 
        $location = "location".$i; 

        $pname1 = trim($_POST[$pname]);
        $age1 = trim($_POST[$pname]);
        $location1 = trim($_POST[$location]);
  //now you can insert these values into table/views


Hope you will find better help...

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