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Google News has API, described here: http://code.google.com/apis/newssearch/v1/index.html

But it is a JavaScript API (client side). I would like to run Google News search once a day for a fixed phrase, automatically, on a server and integrate the results into my database (server side, using PHP).

Could anyone suggest how to deal with this, I mean on Google API side? I made a solution using PHP simple_html_dom class, which is parsing raw html and extracting elements like news title, body etc. But now I think it is not a professional solution, because if Google changes anything within the structure of their html, my code will break.

So maybe there is a trick, how to use a JavaScript API in PHP?

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Have a look at the PHP example for Google News Search API.


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Ignore the documentation for the JavaScript API, it is just a wrapper around the JSON API. Use the documentation for that instead. PHP can handle JSON and HTTP

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