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"".chomp returns "" and the system command returns empty string if which doesn't know it. In other words, the code below will cache "" and not check system again.

@wkhtmltoimage ||= `which wkhtmltoimage-proxy`.chomp

I'd like to

  • keep variable caching, not running system command again if found.
  • avoid running the system command twice in the code in order to check .empty?

if chomp returned nil on empty string, it wouldn't be a problem. Any suggestions?

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Create a method which your caching line calls, check in there for an empty string and return nil if it is, else return the output.

def wkhtml_to_image_command
  output = `which wkhtmltoimage-proxy`.chomp
  output.empty? ? nil : output

@wkhtmltoimage ||= wkhtml_to_image_command
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as an alternative to method caching, this is a more compact one-liner.

@wkhtmltoimage ||= (c=`which wkhtmltoimage-proxy`.chomp).empty? ? nil : c

Not as readible as caching a method return, I must admit.

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